April 3, 2003


Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has admitted the paper’s resolutely anti-war stance could lead to sales falling below 2 million for the first time in over 70 years.

Tim Blair has more. Didn’t the circulation drop start about the time they hired John Pilger?

UPDATE: Why yes, yes it did. Heh. Somehow I don’t think that hiring Peter Arnett will turn things around, either.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Eddie Vedder, meanwhile, is finding that anti-Bush theatrics turn off fans:

Incensed fans walked out of Pearl Jam’s concert Tuesday after lead singer Eddie Vedder impaled a mask of President Bush on a microphone stand, then slammed it to the stage.

Most of Vedder’s antiwar remarks earlier in the Pepsi Center show were greeted with mixed cheers and scattered boos. But dozens of angry fans walked out during the encore because of the macabre display with the Bush mask, which he wore for the song Bushleaguer, a Bush- taunting song from the band’s latest album, Riot Act.

“When he was sharing his political views in a fairly benign manner – supporting our troops, opposing policy – that’s OK,” said Keith Zimmerman, of Denver.

“When he takes what looks like the head of George Bush on a stick, then throws it to the stage and stomps on it, that’s just unacceptable. I love Pearl Jam, but that was just way over the edge. We literally got up and left.”

Of course, when I read this my first reaction was “Pearl Jam is still together? Who knew?”

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