July 23, 2020

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Xinjiang Shows We Haven’t Learnt a Thing from Auschwitz.

Just when you thought China’s brutality could not shock any further, chilling footage emerged last week of Uyghurs, with heads shaven, being blindfolded, shackled and herded onto trains, headed for these camps.

I am loath to make Holocaust comparisons, especially as one whose family both survived and perished during this darkest of chapters in modern human history, but it is impossible not to draw such parallels in the face of overwhelming evidence of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing and genocide by China’s Communist regime.

The main difference today, though, is that during the Holocaust, the Allies claimed they did not know about Auschwitz, whereas China’s wanton brutality is unfolding in full view, right before us in real time.

To its credit, the United States is, thus far, the only country that has been prepared to stand up to China and take any kind of meaningful action.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called Chinese government actions in Xianjiang the “stain of the century,” and asserted that China is “in a league of its own” on human rights violations.

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