July 23, 2020

IT’S COME TO THIS: Washington to use ‘Washington Football Team’ name for 2020.

Found via Jim Geraghty, who tweets, “This is an effort to leave the Babylon Bee speechless.”

It’s also a gag from the earlier, funnier days of Saturday Night Live come to life. When former NBA superstar Bill Russell hosted in 1979, one sketch was a parody of CBS’s The White Shadow titled (of course) “The Black Shadow,” in which “John Davidson High School’s” lily-white basketball team needed Russell’s coaching skills to get them over the top during the big game against their cross-town rivals, “The Visitors.”

Since, as Victor Davis Hanson recently noted, “The NFL Is On The Brink,” and cancel culture will eventually come for every NFL team name, will we reach a point where every game will be a matchup of the hometown “Football Team” against the dreaded “[insert away-team’s city here] Visitors?”

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