March 31, 2003


Public support for the war in Iraq remains steady at roughly the 70% level, little changed over the past week. . . .

The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, conducted Saturday and Sunday, shows 70% of Americans in favor of the war and 27% opposed, virtually identical to the support measured last week. . . .

Currently, 33% of Americans say the war is going “very well,” about the same as the percentage measured March 24-25. Optimism had been much higher two days earlier. The latest results suggest a stabilization of perceptions at the lower level.

Still, more than 8 in 10 Americans currently believe the war is going at least moderately well, about the same as last week. Relatively few Americans, 14%, believe the war is going either “moderately” or “very” badly, up slightly from the March 22-23 poll (8%).

Three-quarters of Americans, 74%, say the United States and its allies are winning the war, unchanged from March 24-25, though down 10 points from the poll two days earlier.

The public seems somewhat less excitable than the journalistic community.

UPDATE: Comparing one poll to another is always iffy, but this poll would seem to indicate that the British public is feeling quite positive too. Guess all that negative spin on the BBC isn’t working.

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