July 19, 2020

SO GIVEN A CHOICE, I’D TEACH AS NORMAL IN THE FALL. But forced to choose between our lame partly online / partly in-class “hybrid” approach and online teaching I’ve chosen online. I managed to make it work tolerably well — it was C-SPAN-worthy! — last semester, and I was extemporizing. I’ve been working on making it better over the summer. Some of that is assignment changes, but I’m also going to a multi-camera setup. I’m moving from my study to what we call the “poolhouse,” though it isn’t really one, but rather a Tiny House, essentially a fancy shed, that a previous owner built for writing and yoga. It has great lighting and its own heat and AC. I’m going to use my Nikon DSLR as a lectern camera, and two small Sony video cameras with it, one focused on a whiteboard and the other a wide camera so I can move around. The superb law school IT guy got me this little switcher that looks like a webcam to Zoom, but lets me switch between the cameras with a touch. (The only thing that would be better is if it had a pocket remote). I hope that will make things a bit more visually interesting.

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