July 13, 2020

SIGNS AND PORTENTS: Here’s the third-highest ranked comment at the NYT:

I applaud this community for rejecting BLM demands. The article says “The proposal didn’t seem like too much of an ask…”. Well, it was!! I firmly believe the “silent majority” who are paying close attention but not voicing any opinion, will be heard on voting day. BLM has no right to “assume” they can put their message wherever they want. Believe it or not, other people have opinions that are “equal”. BLM doesn’t want equality, they want superiority and they use race and intimidation as a club to get it.

How many people feel this way now? How many will feel this way by November? The “activists” seem to be trying to make sure it’s as many as possible. 37 states? Some are working to make it 45. Then again, the last time the left went this crazy, we got 1972, with more than 45.

But don’t get cocky.

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