July 7, 2020

IT’S DEJA MOYNIHAN OVER AGAIN! “It may be that history does run in cycles—that it doesn’t repeat, but rhymes. And so I dusted off the collected letters and documents from Daniel Patrick Moynihan that was published about a decade ago, in particular to remind myself of what Moynihan wrote in his private memos to President Nixon and others in 1969 and 1970, when the last counter-cultural movement was running at full tide,” Steve Hayward writes at Power Line.

Moynihan played the role of Cassandra in the first volume of Hayward’s magisterial 2001 The Age of Reagan — (almost) always right, but never listened to by his fellow Democrats, and he plays a featured role as one of the recurring cast of characters in Amity Shlaes’ new Great Society book. As Shlaes has noted, Moynihan, frozen out – even by fellow members of Lyndon Johnson’s brain trust – for “his 1965 argument that family troubles played a role in black poverty,” was arguably the first victim of cancel culture.

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