July 6, 2020


Buy it cheap and stack it deep when times are good. Be the ant, not the grasshopper.

If you’re just now buying your first gun because of ‘Rona and looting, you have an excuse.

If you owned a firearm at any time from November 2016 or earlier, and you’re not sitting on at least a six month stockpile at your normal rate of consumption, over and above whatever you deem necessary for a “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency” stash, you have no excuse. You’ve seen this before.

The American gun owner is (collectively speaking) a panicky, easily-spooked herd animal. Any random headline could cause the throngs to descend on the local ammo shelves like locusts, and then they talk about it online and the online retailers get cleared out by the case lot.

The domestic commercial ammo supply is predicated on the average gun owner buying a box of pistol ammo every month or two to shoot up at the range and a box of long gun ammo once or twice a year for ditto. It’s not geared for everyone who owns a gun to run out and buy three cases at once.

Though you’d think the suppliers would have learned by now, too. . .

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