July 5, 2020

FOX-11 L.A.: Koreatown man reinfected with COVID-19 after attending several protests.

Gabriel Lee works as an IT specialist at several hospitals throughout the Los Angeles area.

He says he first tested positive for COVID-19 in March, before the lockdowns began.

* * * * * * * *

He said he tested negative several times after his first infection, but then tested positive again on June 19th after he attended several Black Lives Matter protests.

Lee said he wore PPE at the protests, but remembers feeling worried about the large crowds and proximity of people to each other.

“Everyone was so close to eachother, everyone was stuck on eachother you know,” Lee said. “I think about more than a quarter weren’t wearing masks, there were probably like 5,000 people at the protests probably, all I remember is at some points we couldn’t even turn around or anything.”

Lee doesn’t know if the protests were the source of his infection. He suspects if they weren’t it could have been from air circulation at any building he’s been in, or having to sometimes reuse PPE.

Leading healthcare experts, and all the best people tell me his re-infection was obviously not from the protests.

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