June 21, 2020

ARE DEMS’ DIRTY TRICKS ACTIONABLE? By now everyone knows that the left coordinated a phony registration scam to suppress the turnout at POTUS’ Tulsa rally. It makes me wonder if the campaign has a cognizable cause of action — and maybe even grounds for a TRO — based on the tort of “intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.” The elements vary from state to state, but courts generally hold that the elements of the civil wrong are:

“(1) an economic relationship between the plaintiff and some third party, with the probability of future economic benefit to the plaintiff; (2) the defendant’s knowledge of the relationship; (3) intentional acts on the part of the defendant designed to disrupt the relationship; (4) actual disruption of the relationship; and (5) economic harm to the plaintiff proximately caused by the acts of the defendant.”

Sounds to me like the campaign has a reasonable case. I find it ironic that the bunch who complain about “suppression” are bragging about doing just that.

Projection. It’s always projection.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I think such legal actions might also be a response to organized efforts to get people fired; often there are folks with substantial assets involved. Meanwhile, a friend from Facebook writes: “Fraudulent ticket reservations? I think we just learned exactly what will happen with mail in voting. We should thank AOC for demonstrating this.”

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