February 25, 2003


The oil companies want stability. It makes no difference to them who owns the oil wells. It could be Satan or Uncle Sam; their profits will not change. The one thing they don’t want is upheaval and war.

For these reasons, the oil companies have been lobbying for peace with Saddam. Everyone who was paying attention to Iraq before September 11 knows this is true.

The radical left is right about one thing. The oil companies have a nefarious agenda in the Middle East. They want to keep all the nasty dictators in place. It is good for business. That, folks, is blood for oil.

The radical left used to be against this sort of thing. I liked the radical left then. I do not like them anymore.


UPDATE: Will Allen emails:

Glenn, an ever-growing group of people have come to realize that the forces of reaction are just as strong, if not stronger, on the left as on the right. As a radical advocate of human freedom (wanna overthrow a dictator? fine by me!) , this is encouraging, in that many people will be more hesitant to automatically assign concern for the well being of the masses (a term of condecension if there ever was one) to those who label themselves as being of the left.

I think that realization is spreading.

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