June 12, 2020

AS ALWAYS, LIFE IMITATES SPINAL TAP: Lady Antebellum Is Now ‘Lady A.’ But So Is a Black Blues Singer Who’s Used the Name for 20 Years. “’I’m not about to stop using my name. For them to not even reach out is pure privilege’ — Anita White, known professionally as Lady A.”

In accordance with the prophecy:

Marty:  Let’s…uh talk a little bit about the history of the group. I understand Nigel you and David originally started the band wuh…back in…when was it…back in 1964?

David:  Well before that we were in different groups, I was in a group called The Creatures and w-which was a skiffle group.

Nigel:  I was in Lovely Lads.

David:  Yeah.

Nigel:  And then we looked at each other and says well we might as well join up you know and uh….

David:  So we became The Originals.

Nigel:  Right.

David:  And we had to change our name actually.

Nigel:  Well there was, there was another group in the east end called The Originals and we had to rename ourselves.

David:  The New Originals.

Nigel:  The New Originals and then, uh, they became…

David:  The Regulars, they changed their name back to The Regulars and we thought well, we could go back to The Originals but what’s the point?

In any case, I suspect that Lady Antebellum’s appeal is about to become “more selective.”

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