May 22, 2020

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD: Stacey Abrams Says She Will Step Down As Governor If Asked To Run For VP.

I’ve seen some people say that Stacey Abrams is the Democrats’ Sarah Palin, but there are some important differences: Sarah Palin was actually elected governor, Sarah Palin could give a good speech, the press hated Sarah Palin rather than lamely propping her up, and Sarah Palin was actually attractive. Other than that, sure. Well, maybe.

Also, the claim that Palin hurt McCain is BS. The only time he was ahead in the polls was the period after he picked Palin as his running mate, and before his unfathomably stupid decision to “suspend” his campaign because of the financial crisis. Whatever excitement his lame campaign ever possessed came from his running mate, whom he treated dishonorably once she was no longer of any use to him. Because McCain was as much a moral cripple as a politician as Joe Biden is.

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