May 16, 2020

OKAY, OKAY, I CAN’T EVEN:  There is this video that always makes me cackle showing an owl swimming in a bathroom sink, and clearly loving it.  Underneath the text goes “Who is going to tell this owl that he is not a duck? Anyone, anyone? No one? All right, then. He is now a duck.”
So, in that spirit, which of you is going to tell the Babylon Bee they’re supposed to be funny and not just report the news and really become America’s paper of record?  Anyone? Anyone?

Governor Newsom Orders Ballots To Be Sent To Every Cemetery In State.

(This one has been used on me, I swear, on Facebook)  Reminder: Adolf Hitler Also Wanted To Go Outside And Do Things.

Democrats Promise To Chew Up Cash, Tenderly Regurgitate It Into Mouths Of Voters.

Hillary Clinton Suggests That Americans Vote For President By Email.

Several States Issue Orders Requiring People To Run Around In Giant Hamster Balls.

No one? All right, then. The Babylon Bee is now America’s Paper of Record. More truth there than in any other paper in the US.


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