May 6, 2020

WELL, THEY SHOULD BE: The Chinese government is worried global anti-China sentiment is at its highest since Tiananmen Square.

The think tank’s research was reportedly presented in early April to top Chinese Communist Party officials, including President Xi Jinping. Reuters’ report is based off sources who have direct knowledge of the findings, though the news outlet has not seen the briefing itself. If reports of its contents are accurate, it would at least confirm Beijing is taking the backlash seriously, though Reuters notes it’s unclear if those concerns will ultimately influence policy.

The paper reportedly concluded the rising anti-China sentiment is in part a result of American efforts to undermine public confidence in Beijing amid the crisis.

That last line is a real tell of just how deep the Communist regime is stuck in its own head, as Communist regimes usually are. What Beijing forgets, or can’t allow itself to understand, is that it was easy for the West to sweep Tianneman and a few thousand dead Chinese under the rug as there was all that money still to be made. It’s much more difficult to do that after years of getting ripped off by the PRC and when the dead are in our own countries.

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