April 29, 2020


Stop twisting yourselves into pretzels of befuddlement and shocked-shocked confusion about the mayor’s actions. If it walks like a worse-than-useless bigot and talks like a worse-than-useless bigot and tweets like a worse-than-useless bigot, I’ve got news for you: It’s not the effective and tolerant mayor of a great city. De Blasio might’ve been capitalizing on the behavior of a few Hasidic Jews when he railed against “the Jewish community” at large, but anti-Semitism doesn’t differentiate between those in long beards and black hats and Jews who are clean shaven and bare headed. In singling out the Jews for spreading the virus, the mayor was targeting all of us, making us all less safe.

Bill de Blasio is responsible for the thousands of deaths from COVID-19 he could’ve prevented by doing his job, and he is also responsible for the lives he continues to put in danger—the millions of New Yorkers increasingly unsafe and uncared for, and the victims of the violence some of them will cause others because their own worst fears and biases have been stoked. Everyone will suffer, everyone will pay—everyone but the one man who caused it all.

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