April 26, 2020

NEO: Why does Joe Biden want to be president? (And why did Trump want to be president?)

I assume that at any point along the way, Biden could have articulated a convincing reason why he – of all the mediocre career politicians in the US – should become president. But I don’t think that reason ever would have been convincing. It certainly wasn’t convincing to the American public each time he ran:

Until Saturday’s [February 29, 2020] South Carolina primary, Biden had won zero presidential nominating contests across three campaigns and 32 years.

But now he’s the last man standing. At least for the moment.

[ADDENDUM: And remember Ted Kennedy?]

It’s the one question that a person running for the presidency has to be prepared for. Why doesn’t Joe have the equivalent of an elevator speech to pitch what makes him uniquely qualified?

UPDATE: Stacy Abrams is knocking it out of park explaining why she wants to be veep — at least when compared to Biden explaining why he wants to be president.

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