April 26, 2020

WEIRD, YOU’D NEVER KNOW THIS FROM FOLLOWING THE NEWS MEDIA: Swing voters approve of Trump’s virus effort, 75% want end of China reliance.

The nation’s focus during the coronavirus on its economic reliance on China has prompted a big majority of swing state voters to back a “Made in the USA” agenda as they turn from worrying about their health to switching the economy back on, according to a new survey.

Some 75% told Heritage Action for America’s new Project 2020 that they want manufacturing returned to America, as President Trump has often called for. Said the group, swing voters “support bringing manufacturing back home to end our reliance on Chinese and foreign factories for essential supplies such as masks and medication.”

In the survey of over 8,000 swing and “persuadable” voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Iowa provided to Secrets this morning, 63% said that they approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis. Just 21% disapproved.

And they appear to support his gradual shift from focusing on fighting the virus to also reopening the economy, as well as a reliance more on businesses than Washington to lead the way.

Rachel Maddow says he’s toast.

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