April 13, 2020

UNDOUBTEDLY: If Biden Were President Our Coronavirus Economic Problems Would Be Worse.

We don’t have to speculate as to what Biden would have done differently in response to the pandemic — the former vice president has already told us.

First and foremost, Biden would not have implemented life-saving travel restrictions on China in the early days of the outbreak, as President Trump has been praised for doing by the nation’s top public health experts. At the time, Biden argued that the White House was overreacting to the novel coronavirus threat, even calling the President’s response “xenophobic,” but he now acts as though he supported travel restrictions all along.

The rest of Biden’s comments over the course of this crisis have been equally disjointed and nonsensical, making it painfully clear that he’s completely out of his depth on this issue. The country is fortunate that Biden isn’t responsible for safeguarding our prosperity at this critical juncture.

Even after the economy fully reopens, though, a Biden administration would be more than our recovering economy could bear. His plans to “get rid of fossil fuels,” for instance, would needlessly sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American jobs while raising the cost of living for working families all over the country. Meanwhile, his plan to raise taxes by over $4 trillion would undo the long-term benefits of the recent coronavirus relief measures, saddling families with an unnecessary financial burden at a time when many of them can least afford it.

Also, I’m pretty sure the stress of the job might kill him.

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