April 5, 2020

A SERIOUS PERSON WOULDN’T LIMIT HIMSELF TO A FRACTION OF THE PLAUSIBLE CANDIDATES: Evaluating the Biden Veepstakes: “Before the coronavirus threat, Biden’s biggest decision was between a moderate choice who would shore up the party’s weaknesses in the Midwest or excite the base, or a more historic, progressive pick. Now his only consideration should be finding someone who is prepared to be president and is capable of demonstrating competence at a time of crisis.” Biden should revoke his stupid promise to choose a woman. With Biden an obviously-declining 77 and a major public health crisis afoot, there is no good reason beyond insipid identity politics to limit oneself to the small pool of women who have the experience to competently take over the presidency on Day 1. Our complicit media has consistently praised Biden for doing so, instead of questioning why an elderly presidential candidate should be dismissing eighty percent or so of the plausible candidates out-of-hand. And if I were Biden, you know who would be looking intriguing to me right now? Bill Gates.

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