March 26, 2020

MICHAEL GRAHAM: Plastic ban hypocrisy is in the bag for woke Left. “And yet Mayor Marty is leaving the ban largely in place, and he can’t wait to bring it back. Why? Because Boston’s liberal, $500K-condo crowd doesn’t care about the environment. They care about looking like they care about the environment. Plastic shopping bags? How gauche! Besides, they clash with the reusable coffee mug I got from an indigenous craftsman during an ecotourism trip to Guatemala! Oh, forgot to mention: Starbucks and Dunkin’ aren’t taking those anymore, either. The Left has long shown symptoms of skewed thinking — and it doesn’t look like they’re eager for a cure.”

Tom Wolfe originally wrote “The Great Relearning” in 1987. We’re getting it good and hard this year.

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