March 21, 2020

FROM JOANN’S FABRIC, How To Make A Face Mask. Patterns and instructions.

Related: Team Comes Together to Repair Thousands of N-95 Masks. “Tufts Medical Center needed more than 6,000 masks fixed fast, so Tufts students, staff, and alumni are jumping in, along with MIT and Harvard students, to make it happen.”

UPDATE: From the comments:


Do you know there are crates of N95 masks in a USMC warehouse in Albany, Georgia? (side note, the masks are not the property of USMC). Thousands upon thousands of N95 masks.

They were marked Excess Property and are designated for humanitarian aid.

10 USC allows EP, such as those masks, to be used for domestic purposes.

However, the program (HAP EP) cannot unilaterally give those masks.

Sure would be great if someone in power knew about the thousands of N95 masks literally sitting in Albany, Georgia HAP EP warehouse, unused at a time when they are in critical need.

Just saying.

Well, they should know now.

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