February 27, 2020

SENSIBLE:  Let’s talk about coronavirus.

Look, guys, as with Ebola this coronavirus is almost certainly being spread by certain cultural practices.  What Bookworm calls “toilet hygiene” is completely different in much of the world. And we DO know some of the transmission is through fecal matter.

I will be honest, I and most of the people I talk to online have been sick (up and down) with never-get-well since early January. We were joking that we’re not sure this is not coronavirus, because it keeps returning.

It probably isn’t. But it could be. Not enough people have been tested to know where and if there’s community transmission.

What we do know, though, is that so far the deaths in the US are of people who contracted the virus abroad. If people are sick in the US, it’s manifesting as a series of very bad colds or a returning virus. We’ve had these before, at least in military towns. Remember early 2000s when they were sending contractors back from Iraq when they couldn’t treat them? Fun times. I don’t remember what year it was everything in Colorado Springs closed, including the churches and the schools. I don’t remember, because I was sick over and over again, each time a weaker attack, till it passed. But none of us died. It was just truly annoying.

There are other factors than cultural practices. For instance, the population of Wuhan was under stresses we can’t even imagine.

Our particular issue is how enmeshed we allowed our economy to become with theirs. It’s time to split the sheets. The sooner, the better.

Meanwhile take sensible precautions, work from home if you can, and wash your hands. Oh, and don’t panic over the stock market. Killing the economy will only elect Bernie who’ll turn us into what China is.

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