February 22, 2020

ENTHUSIASM! Some Nevada caucus sites facing volunteer shortages. Plus: “At Rancho High School, a caucus location with 11 precincts just outside of Las Vegas, almost all of the volunteers were high school students, many of whom are unable to vote themselves because of their age. The only adult that NBC News spotted working at the site was the caucus lead — the school’s social studies teacher. The students were only trained Friday night, and officials were actively looking for more adult volunteers to help coach the teens through the process.”

Hmm. I’m sure it would be partisan and inappropriate for a teacher to use his students to provide labor for the GOP, but since it’s the Democrats I guess it’s okay as an educational experience. But this doesn’t bode well for improving things post-Iowa.

Related: “It was my understanding that there would be no math.”

Classical reference above.

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