February 22, 2020


Max Boot, fedora still tipped dramatically to one side, warned Democrats that Trump may exploit Sanders’s history of communist praise, making him an untenable candidate for the general election:

‘Sanders carries decades of ideological baggage, having praised Communist regimes and joined a socialist party that took Iran’s side during the hostage crisis. Sanders’s Democratic opponents haven’t exploited this record. Trump won’t have any such reticence.’

Bill Kristol, who displayed his conservative principles by donating to the campaign of blackface-wearing and late-term abortion-supporting Virginia governor Ralph Northam, lamented that people like him would ‘very much prefer a choice other than Trump or Sanders.’ Kristol also recently insisted that Democrats ‘can do better than socialism,’ a rather charitable assertion from someone who just ‘came out’ as a Democrat a couple of weeks ago.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin sarcastically tweeted that it’s ‘just brilliant’ for Democrats to nominate a socialist who just had a heart attack, while former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt declared a Bernie candidacy a ‘death sentence’ for the Dems. Alongside Schmidt, the potty-mouthed Rick Wilson and slovenly George Conway have launched the Lincoln Project, a group dedicated solely to defeating Trump, even if it elevates Democrats.

* * * * * * * *

It is wild to watch the individuals who pilloried the idea of Trump winning in 2016 now offer their unsolicited advice on how to defeat him. The arrogance required to be consistently wrong about the political developments of the past decade and then still insist they know better is really quite something.

Who could have seen this coming? Or as a legendary community advisor warned in 2010, “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

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