February 14, 2020

THE TERM “SACRED COW” IS NOW A SACRED COW: That’s how these “bias response web sites” work.  They encourage students to feel wronged by trivial things.

The author of that piece–Christian Schneider–sent a freedom of information act request to the University of Wisconsin-Madison asking for all the complaints filed with that university’s “Bias or Hate” reporting web site.  He got back 107 complaints.  One of them was a complaint by a student against a professor who had said in class that some theories and beliefs are “scared cows” that cannot be critiqued in academia.  The student, who wrote that he “grew up in India,” called the professor’s use of the term racist.

I’d like to see a lot more of these freedom of information act requests for complaints aimed at bias response web sites.  This stuff needs to be exposed.

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