February 13, 2020

CRYING WOLF: Roger Waters: Trump a Mass Murderer Killing ‘Brown People for Profit.’ 

Waters, credibly accused of being an anti-semite, took his Trump attacks to a new level next.

“And this is a man who has failed at f***ing everything in his life except becoming the biggest … tyrant and mass murderer and mass destroyer of everything that any of us might love or cherish in the whole [world], only because he has the power,” he continued. “Unfortunately, he has his finger on the button on it, and he’s right. In ‘Pigs,’ when we put up that he has a bigger button and it works, it does. And it’s working all over the world, murdering brown people for profit.”

At this point, according to Rolling Stone, the moderator applauded Waters’ passion.

To be fair, any president with an (R) after his name gives Waters the vapors. Fortunately, the era when David Gilmour led the Floyd focused on the music rather than the histrionics.

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