February 2, 2020

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Arizona’s education chief may not like vouchers, but she must follow the law.

School Choice Week started off with a bang this year. In Arizona, it was more like an explosion.

This week, reporters revealed that the state Department of Education released the personal information of nearly 7,000 families who use Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. Worse still, they sent it to Save Our Schools, staunch opponents of the program and educational choice in general.

ESAs enable parents, mostly those who have children with special needs, to direct their taxpayer dollars for specialized educational therapies or curriculum. The accounts help bridge the huge financial gap for families requiring customized assistance in the classroom.

The department released a spreadsheet that included the account balances of every ESA account in the state, along with names, email addresses and the grade in which the student is enrolled. Special needs students even had their disability listed.

As Jon Gabriel writes, “This isn’t just a blunder. It’s likely illegal.” Read the whole thing.

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