January 31, 2020

BREAKING: Twitter suspends independent news outlet Zero Hedge. “The publication, which enjoyed a following of over 673,000 followers on Twitter, was unceremoniously nuked from the social media platform following its report that the origins of the deadly coronavirus (2019-nCoV) may have a man-made origin, in addition to reports that the Chinese government may be suppressing the total number of people infected by the deadly illness that is sweeping throughout Wuhan.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): You’d think Twitter would have heard of the Streisand Effect. The article discusses, and links to, a preprint of a paper apparently by a group of Indian researchers. They may be wrong, but censoring discussion isn’t the way to find out. If the paper is wrong, or bogus, people will figure it out — if they can see the paper. If the paper’s censored, people can only share sensationalist items that may or may not have come from the paper to begin with. Color me skeptical about this, but what do I know?

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Zero Hedge responds.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Stanford Prof says paper is wrong.


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