January 27, 2020

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Flipping off rightly-angry parents should be the last straw for New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza.

A shocking video taken at a once-highly regarded middle school in Bayside, Queens, MS 158, showed a 14-year-old girl beating on a younger girl while teachers made limited attempts to stop the brutality. As The Post has ­reported, this wasn’t the first major incident at the middle school in the last year; it came in addition to two instances of alleged sexual assault.

During the town-hall meeting with upset parents, Carranza ­refused to answer their questions, instead taking prescreened ones, until the anger in the room reached a boiling point, and the parents began to openly jeer. Then the chancellor walked out of the room and turned his back on their concerns. He later blasted the mother of the ­assaulted child for “grandstanding.”

I’m not the first to call for his firing, but I hope I’m the last. In June, nine City Council members wrote a letter to de Blasio calling for his ouster.

The tone-deaf mayor’s office shot back, insinuating that the signatories were — what else? — racist for calling for Carranza’s removal.

Read the whole thing.

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