January 26, 2020

GOOD AND HARD: Mayor Durkan’s failures, political correctness caused downtown Seattle shooting.

Political correctness and liberalism are literally killing people. This downtown Seattle shooting is an extension of all of that.

It’s about squishy prosecutors and judges who let repeat offenders walk free. It is about a city council that has designed this because anarchy will allow them to rebuild the city in a socialist image.

Today, a woman is dead and seven others are injured. A 9-year-old remains in the hospital. It is shameful but unfortunately predictable, given who we have running things around here.

* * * * * * * *

Jenny Durkan is an ineffective mayor. Look at what has happened with the issues people are most worried about — traffic, homelessness, and crime. The media is complicit with this. Just a few days ago, a column in the Seattle Times reported that crime is down. People on the streets know that crime isn’t down. They know that their homes are getting broken into and their car windows are getting smashed. Yet some in the media will say crime is down in Seattle. Yes, and how many shootings have we had since Tuesday? Police were near last night’s shooting because they were a few blocks away at a police-involved shooting in the middle of the afternoon. And so with the help of their compliant media, politicians are able to push out false stories that crime is down and everything is great.

Seattle’s last Republican mayor left office in 1969.

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