January 21, 2020

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Not Manly Enough: Femmephobia’s Stinging Impact on the Transmasculine Community. “Hoskin’s most recent study on femme identity, published in the journal Sex Roles, describes femmephobia as a ‘regulatory power’ within the LGBTQ community.”

Well, lately the LGBT community wants to regulate everybody, it seems, so why should you be immune from their censoriousness?


“She could never take me seriously with being trans. She was always, like, But you like to wear skirts and dresses.”

Belderiver describes his gender expression as androgynous and femme. A typical outfit includes shredded jeans with a pair of fishnet stockings and a crop top. Belderiver’s hair is partially shaved. He wears black eyeliner and occasionally tops off the look with an electric-green lipstick.

“I’ve accepted a long time ago that I won’t be the most masculine guy,” Belderiver said. “Growing up I felt very stifled. I felt like I didn’t have a personality of my own. It has meant a lot to me to branch out and define who I am as a person.”

For Belderiver, the clothing he wears is about more than just gender expression. Dressing is an act of resistance against his overbearing parents.

I believe that.

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