January 20, 2020

CAN THEY DO THAT? New York Times Endorses Both Warren and Klobuchar for Democratic Nomination

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Riposte: The Babylon Bee Editorial Board Endorses That Lady Who Screamed At The Sky During Trump’s Inauguration For The Democratic Primary. “We feel that this hopelessly triggered androgynous human yelling at the sky in an act of protest against some perceived persecution is the perfect encapsulation of the modern Democratic Party, and thus, she would be the ideal candidate to take on President Trump in 2020.” Is it just me, or is the Bee’s savagery level increasing?

Also: In Apprentice-Style Special, New York Times Endorses Trump for President: The not-so-dirty not-so-secret is the Times and the rest of opposition media not only love Donald Trump — they need him.

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