January 13, 2020

NEW YORK SUN: Nancy Pelosi’s Catch-22.

The first thing for the Senate to do when it takes up the war powers resolution just passed by the House is to give it a proper name. The Sun proposes the “Enemy Emboldenment Act of 2020.” For the resolution is designed to ensure that the Supreme Leader of Iran and his camarilla are not under any misapprehension that the Democrats support our GIs or their constitutional commander-in-chief.

One can see the Democrats’ logic. If the enemy thought that the Democrats and Republicans were united in respect of the war, the Iranians might decide to retreat. That, in turn, could have the deleterious effect of interfering with our election by creating the impression that President Trump was winning the war. In other words, there’s a real possibility that an Iranian retreat could throw the election to the GOP.

This is evident from the text of the Enemy Emboldenment Act, which contains a lot of palaver designed to obscure its purpose.

Read the whole thing.

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