October 30, 2002

OKAY, I’ve gotten various emails pro and con (mostly con) on the Wellstone memorial service campaign rally last night. I responded to some by noting that, to me, it’s as if somebody used a eulogy as an opportunity to pitch life insurance. With a Tupperware Party as the reception. But I think that this says it all: The event was too tacky for former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura.

UPDATE: The PennLive link above isn’t working for some people. Here’s another. And Mike Hendrix and Stephen Green agree with Jesse. And Porphyrogenitus contrasts this with another funeral that got less attention.

Minnesota reader Rich Kaul writes:

As someone up here in MN who’s had a front seat to all this I am bemused by the Wellstone “event.” Earlier in the day the DFL Chair was complaining that the Republicans were inappropriately politicing by issuing a set of debate challenges to whomever the DFL nominated as Wellstone’s replacement. He was howling about how inappropriate it was to discuss politcs at this time. And then they go and have that campaign rally over all the local TV stations last night…

And Democratic reader Nick Foresta sends what I think is the first non-critical email ever:


You guys are absolutely right about this one. Shameless doesn’t begin to describe it. The memorial was slap in the face for everything the man stood for. Who was in charge of this mess?

I don’t know, but whoever it was should be ashamed.

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