October 30, 2002


His team had rolled around the green and mugged for pictures with the state championship trophy in hand. The disappointed runner-ups were on their bus heading home. And then Westborough golf coach Greg Rota noticed that something looked wrong on one of the scorecards.

He could have let it go. He could have just gotten into the van with his team and brought the Division 2 state championship golf trophy home to Westborough. Probably no one would ever know.

But he’d always wonder whether that trophy was really made of fool’s gold. So he went over and asked one of his players about a score on the 18th hole. Rota had seen some of the competition on that hole and the scorecard didn’t look right.

The coach’s instincts were correct. A 9 had been recorded as a 7. An incorrect scorecard had been signed. Rota went directly to the tournament director with the information. The small change meant that the final result was reversed. Woburn won the state championship. Westborough finished second. . . .

”[Rota] disqualified his own player and showed great integrity to do that,” said Doran. ”No one would have ever known. This is part and parcel to what golf is all about. You don’t see many things like this in society today.”

But bravo when you do.

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