December 18, 2019

JULIETTE “BALDILOCKS” OCHIENG: It’s not just Vox, it’s happening to me, too. “On January 1, 2020, it will severely limit all of my gigs. In short, AB5 limits me to 35 pieces of freelance work per year for an individual recipient. This include my blogging here at DaTechGuy Blog. Most of you know that I live in Los Angeles. Back in 2013, Peter invited to me to be one of his Da Magnificent Seven. Initially, each of us contributed one blog post per week, but, a few years back, we upped the number to two a week which, of course, means that I post here 104 times per year. You can figure out the impact. By the way, Peter — who lives in Massachusetts — is an awesome boss and a great guy.”

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