December 15, 2019

THE MEDIA’S SELF-IMPORTANT IMPOTENCE: A friend on Facebook writes:

A boomlet among talking heads and media pundits is currently tallying up all the newspapers calling for impeachment.

But among major dailies now endorsing impeachment, all except one endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. (The exception, USA Today, endorsed “not Trump” — stay brave, Gannett.)

My point: Newspapers overwhelmingly urged the country to go one direction in 2016, and it went the other way.

That’s relevant now, as it was then.

In other industries, broad distrust of your product and fleeing customers *might* lead to a little caution before swinging for the fences on very divisive topics.

Maybe it would lead to a little introspection. Even humility.

But we’re not seeing that. And while it doesn’t say much about impeachment one way or the other, it says a lot about a media class that still believes its role is to pronounce which opinions are correct.

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