December 13, 2019

BILL DE BLASIO SEEMS DETERMINED TO RETURN NEW YORK TO THE DEATH WISH ERA: A 13-year-old has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of a Barnard student, source says.

Police officials and de Blasio faced questions Thursday about the pattern of crimes in and around the park. The NYPD had identified issues and implemented different strategies to combat the problem, Harrison said. The department also is stepping up patrols in and around the park and at the nearby schools, including Barnard.

“The idea that a college freshman at Barnard was murdered in cold blood is absolutely not only painful to me as a parent, it’s terrifying to think that that could happen anywhere,” de Blasio said at the news conference.

“It’s unbelievable to me that that could happen here, next to one of our great college campuses,” he added. “It’s an unacceptable reality.”

Curiously, it’s becoming increasingly “believable” that it could happen in de Blasio’s New York.

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