December 11, 2019

MASCOT, ANOINTED: Time Magazine Selects Exploited Child Greta Thunberg as ‘Person of the Year.’

During WWII, Henry Luce, the centrist Republican who created Time magazine in 1923, dubbed the 20th century “The American Century.” During the Mercury missions, he signed the astronauts to exclusive contracts to tell their stories to sister publication Life, because he knew the future when it arrived. In sharp contrast, his successors are reactionary Luddites who lack the guts to smash their own machinery. (Ironically, market forces have done a superb job of lowering Time’s carbon footprint in recent decades.)

As for Greta and her handlers, Dominic Green of Spectator USA wrote that “the Thunberg phenomenon is apocalyptic religion for rich whites.” She’s yet another example of what Thomas Sowell dubbed “Mascots of the Anointed,” from his 1995 book, The Vision of the Anointed. And likely with a similar shelf life; as Glenn wrote in September, “Poor kid — she’s just a younger, more vulnerable Cindy Sheehan, and like Sheehan will be discarded as soon as she’s no longer of use. In the meantime, her moral theatrics have grown tedious.”

No wonder Trump trolled her after her UN visit with this:

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