December 9, 2019

HEH: Joe Biden Will Command Respect from Both Our Enemies and Our Adversaries:

What you’re looking at here is a 77-year-old man who passed up his best shot at winning the presidency because he was afraid of Hillary Clinton. Now he’s desperately struggling to make up for that monumental mistake, while trying to hold onto his rapidly fading mental faculties. Even if you don’t like Donald Trump, you should be rooting for the Dems to nominate this guy. If he’s this hilarious now, how much fun will he be when the pressure really gets cranked up?

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Barry watches Joe spewing this nonsense. Biden was Obama’s insurance policy for eight years — Who would ever want to assassinate him, if the alternative was this clown? — and now Biden has convinced himself he was the one running the show the whole time. It must be torture to Barry’s ego. Tee-hee!

It’s Jim Treacher, so read the whole thing, which dovetails well with this cringe-worthy moment on the eve of 2008 election, when two veteran television news readers, with access to their respective networks’ newsrooms, along with the wire services and every columnist in America on speed dial, pretend to not know Obama’s worldview, but have no qualms about voting for him:

But then, as Treacher himself wrote:

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