December 2, 2019

BRAD TEMPLETON: Managing a Tesla charging line. “They would all start with Tesla managing the line, rather than having drivers queue up. This is to say that when you approached the station, Tesla would put in you a digital line, manage your place in the line, and alert you which charging station to go charge at when the time came. You could only charge at that station, and nobody else could and signs would clearly say that. Tesla knows where all cars are, and what their state of charge is, and even in most cases where they are going next. Cars are already told to signal their approach to the charger via navigation, so the car can heat up the battery to the desired temperature for charging, which speeds up the session. There many many big advantages to Tesla managing the line. It avoids the need for a physical line, and when the line is long, drivers could go do other things, like go to a restaurant to start their meal, as long as they can pause that task to plug in when needed.”

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