November 11, 2019

JON GABRIEL: Millennials and Gen Z think they invented ‘OK, boomer?’ Wrong. Gen X hated you all first.

Blaming the post-WWII generation for all the world’s ills is nothing new. Gen Xers like myself pioneered the technique in the ’90s only to watch millennials and Gen Zers co-opt it for their own cohorts.

They’re even using the same arguments. We’re the first generation to have a lower quality of life than the generation before, college is too expensive and the climate is going to kill us. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

It stings a bit to see my generation skipped over, but we haven’t yet had the chance to lead. Every president since Clinton has been a boomer, as are the main contenders for the Democratic primary. Actually, Bernie is pre-boomer, born before Pearl Harbor was bombed and socialism was discredited.

On Saturday, the New York Post had the headline, “Michael Bloomberg’s entry cements Baby Boomer dominance of Democratic race,” but Bloomberg, like Joe Biden, was born in 1942, thus making them also pre-Boomers. As Glenn noted when William Shatner, 88, got the “OK boomer” treatment on Twitter last week, “it’s telling that the milennials don’t actually know what a boomer is, but use the term with smug contempt anyway.”

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