November 7, 2019

FAILING UPWARDS: Why Does The Media Prop Up Failed Democratic Candidates Like Stacey Abrams?

But perhaps the one trait O’Rourke and Abrams have most in common, is how they are more interested in running for higher office than serving in serving their own communities. Their respective campaigns both failed, and as a rule of thumb, the two should try to win a state-wide election, before running in a national election.

Yet, the mainstream media still prop up these failed candidates because the Democratic party is so desperate for fresh faces in their out-of-touch party. If Abrams’ vice presidential run is anything like O’Rourke’s presidential bid, the potential campaign is already doomed.

To be fair, failing upward is a key part of life in the latter half of the DNC-MSM. No wonder they believe it should also apply to the former.

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