October 31, 2019

JIM TREACHER: Trump Tweets Meme About Hero Dog, Journos Lose Minds.

Now, I’m no expert on photographs or photography, but I took one glance at that and concluded it’s obviously not a real photo, and obviously not meant to be mistaken for one. See the “@realDailyWire” watermark in the lower-right corner? That’s Ben Shapiro’s site. Somebody at the Daily Wire took an old picture of Trump awarding somebody a medal, and then crudely Photoshopped in the picture of the dog that helped track down al-Baghdadi. Everybody loves the hero dog, so here’s a meme about the dog. Hooray for that awesome dog! It’s not meant to deceive. It’s meant to be enjoyed.

Trump thought it was funny, so he tweeted it. And I agree with him. It’s funny. It’s silly. It’s a goof. It’s harmless.

Or so I thought.

As Treacher asks, “What happens when they decide the real scandal isn’t a POTUS eating dogs, but being Photoshopped into a picture with a dog?” You get this:

Of course, the “objective” media’s response to Photoshops and political memes (laughing and promoting them versus amped-up-to-11 childish freakouts) ultimately comes down which party issues them: ‘A tale of two memes’: Peter J. Hasson notices that the NYT has quite a double standard when it comes to tweeting doctored images [screenshots].

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