October 27, 2019

UPDATE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY, COMRADES: “Governor Newsom Announces New Partnerships and Tools to Help California’s Most Vulnerable Residents During Power Shutoffs… New resource guide outlines resources available for those in de-energization areas.”

Or to translate the phrase “de-energization areas” back into English: PG&E Shuts Power to 2.8 Million Californians as Fires Burn.

Found via Seth Mandel of the Washington Examiner, who tweets, “A giant state bordering the ocean keeps running out of water so I’m not surprised it also runs out of electricity. What I find incredible is the humiliating Orwellianism of calling ‘de-energization’ for ‘vulnerable populations’ what is actually ‘shutting off poor people’s power.’”

Related: San Jose Proposes Leaving PG&E And Creating It’s Own Public Utility.

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