October 18, 2019

EVERYTHING IS RACIST: Harris Aide To Buzzfeed Editor: Reporter’s Tweet Is ‘Whiteness Manifest.’ “Imagine being so desperate to create a stir in the press that a campaign aide has to object to a reporter’s tweet and then call the reporter’s editor-in-chief a racist. ‘It’s whiteness manifest.’ What? Perpetual victimhood isn’t a good look for a female candidate trying to project strength. She is woman, hear her whine.”

Related (From Ed): Jon Levine of the New York Post tweets, “For anyone interested, I have confirmed that the author of this text was [Ian Sams] — per a person familiar with the matter.” Sams was also the person who tweeted, then deleted this Photoshop of Nancy Pelosi appearing to ream out Kamala Harris,  which received bipartisan ridicule on Twitter yesterday:

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