October 15, 2019

WELL, YEAH: Nikki Haley says Venezuela shouldn’t be allowed on UN Human Rights Council.

“Venezuela is the last country that should sit on a council that’s supposed to protect human rights,” Haley wrote in a scathing op-ed in the Miami Herald on Sunday. “And yet, because of the corrupt rules for membership in the HRC, the Maduro regime has a real chance of winning.”

Before Costa Rica mounted a bid for the HRC, Venezuela was one of two Latin American countries running for the region’s two allotted spots in this week’s election, essentially guaranteeing it a seat. Brazil is also seeking to join the HRC. Haley beseeched U.N. members to vote for the Central American country over Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s “criminal, socialist, narco-state.”

Venezuela is in terrible shape, sure — but is the Maduro regime truly oppressive enough to qualify for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council?

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