October 12, 2019

OVERFUNDED HIGHER ED UPDATE, UNIVERSITY OF MAINE EDITION: UMaine PUBLICLY SHAMES College Republicans for Columbus Day comments in CAMPUS-WIDE EMAIL. “After a Maine mayor expressed disapproval of the state’s official changing of Columbus Day to ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day,’ the University of Maine College Republicans spoke out in support of the mayor via Facebook. The university responded to the post in an email blast, where it accused the group of ‘implying all indigenous peoples of the Americas are brutal savages’ and proclaimed that the post was not “reflective” of the university’s values.”

Why should a bunch of unelected administrators get to decide what a state university’s “values” are? And if they have time to weigh in on this sort of thing, they’ve got too much time on their hands. Why even have a “Vice President for Student Life” like Robert Dana? Especially when the job description seems to involve bullying students over politics.

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