October 10, 2019

MORE RONAN FARROW: NBC NEWS CHIEF ANDREW LACK “PREYED ON FEMALE UNDERLINGS” TOO. “For the moment, this is a credibility contest. Both sides have their issues in that regard (thanks to Farrow’s irresponsible reporting on the Deborah Ramirez claims in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation cycle), but the hushed-up goings-on at NBC News for the last few years puts Lack behind the credibility eight-ball in this case.”

Related: “What’s especially ironic about all of this is Lack was brought into NBC News to help steer the ship after Brian Williams was caught telling countless lies about himself. But now Lack has embroiled the network in an institutional scandal that grows worse by the day…So pop the popcorn and enjoy yourself as the hits just keep on coming for far-left NBC News.”

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